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New Page 1 Way back in 1845 Texans faithful made a decision that will ever haunt the minds of Texas Skiers. We sold some of the best ski areas in the country to the United States of America. In exchange for a mere ten million dollars and some debt relief. The US went to war with Mexico to guarantee those boundaries and we had to go and sell it to them carpet baggers.

The western boundary lines ran to the Rio Grande all the way to Santa Fe and up the Rio Grande to the headwaters in southern Colorado - near Pole Creek Mountain (13,740 Ft). From there the western boundary then ran due north to the 42nd parallel in Wyoming near present day Rawlings, Wyoming. The Arkansas River was the northern and eastern boundary. The eastern edge of Texas in present day Colorado ran from near the Arkansas Headwaters straight up from just southwest of preset day Leadville, Colorado north to near Hanna, Wyoming.

These are the areas we gave away and to this day Coloradoans believe we are trying to take them back. Well we can't get it back now, but when we are there we can talk real load, spend money like water and act like we do back home! It really makes them Mad! Oh yeah don't forget to drive up there in your SUV with your Texas Plates! You can get a Sticker or a t-shirt just to really get there goat right here!

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