Embrace the Wild West at Colorado Dude Ranches

Colorado Dude Ranches

Whether you’re a city-slicker with a passion for horseback riding or you’re a family that loves to spend time outdoors, Colorado’s dude ranches have a lot to offer. They offer all-inclusive vacations that include lodging, meals and a wide range of activities for families, friends and couples.

Embrace the Wild West at Colorado Dude Ranches

There’s no denying that Western culture is alive and well in the dude ranches of Colorado. With wide-open spaces, fresh air and a Western vibe, these spacious properties offer travelers a chance to truly escape the everyday.

Take advantage of the all-inclusive nature of dude ranches to save on your travel budget. These all-inclusive resorts typically include lodging, meals and a wide variety of fun activities for just one flat rate per person.

Stay at C Lazy U, a year-round guest ranch with luxurious cabins and plenty of outdoor activities for guests of all ages. This family-friendly Colorado dude ranch focuses on a balance of fun and relaxation, including a robust kids’ program.

Explore the Wilds of Colorado at Sundance Trail, a dude ranch located just 100 miles from Denver International Airport that’s surrounded by pines, aspen groves and sagebrush on three sides. Its wide open trails let you take in the vistas, whether you’re hiking or fishing in the summer or cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter.

When the weather turns cold, a Colorado dude ranch becomes even more magical with quiet sleigh rides and hearty comforting food. In the fall, these ranches also host adult-only weeks when the pace slows and the menus become a little more gourmet.