Taos New Mexico Cabins – The Best Vacation Rentals in Taos

Taos New Mexico Cabins

Taos New Mexico cabins offer a relaxing environment for travelers looking to escape the busy city. They are located near historic adobe buildings, museums, and Native American heritage sites. With plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing this vacation destination. If you’re planning a trip to Taos, take a look at the best vacation rentals to help you find the perfect getaway.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Taos is the ancient pueblos. The Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos features a collection of more than seven thousand objects from the indigenous cultures of New Mexico. It also maintains fifteen galleries showcasing various pieces of art.

A more contemporary alternative is the Earthship. Built by the inventor of the aforementioned esoteric machine, this rental property offers a unique experience. Located at 8,200 feet elevation, this modern rental house boasts two bedrooms, a full kitchen, a patio, and a front porch. In addition, the home has an impressive front and side yard, complete with a garden and a hammock.

Another excellent choice is the Hobbit House. This quaint studio-style space is located two miles east of downtown Taos on five acres of apple orchard land. Not only is it an excellent location, but it’s also the first official Earthship built. Even better, the visitor center is free to visitors. You can check out the exhibits and enjoy a cup of coffee at the cafe.

Among the many things to do in Taos is visit the Red Willow Tribal Site. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s been around for almost a thousand years. In addition to its historical significance, the site is a fun place for kids. There are sports fields, a children’s playground, and more.

Other notable attractions include the Millicent Rogers Museum, the Harwood Museum of Art, and the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. While there, make sure to watch the sun rise and set over the horizon.

For those who enjoy nature, the Taos area is surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Hiking trails are also available to explore. Carson National Forest and the nearby Orilla Verde Recreation Area offer a number of opportunities to experience the outdoors.

Among the other things to do in Taos are the many mystical arts that are on display throughout the town. Taos is a great destination to unwind and appreciate the natural wonders of the area. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, or skiing, there’s something for everyone. During the warmer months, it’s also a great spot to go for hot air ballooning.

The best time to go on a vacation to Taos is anytime. Luckily, it’s a quick drive to the mountains. But if you don’t want to leave the comforts of your own home, there are many Taos, New Mexico cabins that are available for weekend getaways. Regardless of the time of year you plan to travel to Taos, a vacation rental will ensure that you get the most from your time.